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Tomorrow is the day.

I wish I had a twin who could say all of the motivational words I would normally say to someone in my position. It’s always more difficult to motivate yourself.

"Hey Johnny, look at it this way. They invited you for a reason. It means they see potential in your application. Now you just have to do your best. Be yourself, be aware of the multiple facets of each scenario, and don’t forget to have a basic smile at all times. Don’t think about what happens after, just focus on each question and maintain a positive, clear attitude throughout the day. You’ve come all this way giving your best, so what’s the harm in giving your best for another day? Think Chris Paul. The game is on the line, but he’s always in control and directing his teammates. Be in control of yourself and direct your body and mind throughout the day. Stay strong and positive."

Now that’s what I would probably say to someone haha. I guess I’ll keep it for myself. :D


An EDM Piano Tribute to 2012 (feat. Many Artists)


Above & Beyond, Zedd, deadmau5, Madeon, Gareth Emery, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, Andrew Rayel, and Porter Robinson



I definitely made a huge leap in expanding my EDM library this year, particularly towards the end. 2010 was more or less the discovery period, while 2011 was the expanding and refining period. I eased away from hard dubstep/brostep and expanded my library in both progressive and electro house….

I seem to have stopped writing reflective Tumblr posts. But this is standard. New year, 10 new tracks.

10. Little Cat Steps - Feed Me

9. Sunrise (Won’t Get Lost) [Tommy Trash Version] - The Aston Shuffle vs. Tommy Trash

8. Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) (feat. Matthew Koma) - Fedde le Grand & Nicky Romero

7. The Veldt (feat. Chris James) - deadmau5

6. Concrete Angel (feat. Christina Novelli) - Gareth Emery

5. Language - Porter Robinson

4. Finale - Madeon

3. Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma) - Zedd

2. How Do I Know (feat. Jano) - Andrew Rayel

1. Bipolar - Mat Zo

Full playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OayqN4BFSbE&list=PLOs2euQ-UmdkgAXJ4N_ugglM1Tn1pLyTc

There were a LOT of good tracks this year. Hard decisions. Next track to make it would probably be an Omnia or W&W track.


10/12/12 (Day 285):

GAHHH. So much fun. <3

So much Asian.

Volcano Tea! (at Volcano Tea House)

Setting up the Wooden statue in front of Pauley. (at UCLA Pauley Pavilion)

Cameron making late night food.

Gonna be hard to study during the #sfgiants game…I hope I survive mentally tomorrow. #orangeoctober #rallyvogey

#Catan during studying? Yes.


Zedd has created a masterpiece here, and listeners can immediately tell from how amazing the first track, “Levels” by Swedish House Mafia, is.

Just kidding.

About the Swedish House Mafia thing. And Levels.

Zedd has certainly made his mark in the EDM scene. Once an up-and-coming opener for the likes of deadmau5 and Skrillex, he has now beat many popular EDM producers to the achievement of “studio album released.” Backed by the smash single “Spectrum” featuring ubiquitous singer Matthew Koma, Clarity should certainly make an impact. But how good is it?

For one thing, the ten tracks are all very polished. It’s clear Zedd poured in all his production skill sets into making these tracks. They also flow decently from track to track; there are no certainly jarring transitions between tracks. Viewed as ten separate tracks, however, the album feels largely inconsistent. The vocal tracks can be somewhat hit-or-miss. For example, “Spectrum” and “Clarity” clearly showcase the best of Zedd and the involved vocalists. However, the Ryan Tedder collaboration “Lost at Sea” comes up way too short.

Another glaring issue is how mainstream the whole album sounds. I get that producers these days need to reach out to the masses, but Zedd seems to have turned a whole new leaf here. His signature sounds still remain, but many of the vocal tracks give off the mainstream vibe. Lastly, the purely instrumental tracks aren’t all Zedd’s best. If he tried to tell a “story” or tried to give the album a theme, I didn’t see any.

Overall, Clarity is diverse, catchy, and polished, but it certainly leaves a lot of room for improvement. I’m sure Zedd will do better in future releases.

Score: 3/5

Best Track: Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma) (can Zedd ever top this song?)

After listening to > album title goes here <, I realized something. If you count this one, Random Album TitleFor Lack of a Better Name, and 4x4=12 as his true “studio albums,” there is a trend to be seen. RAT is the best in terms of album flow from beginning to finish, but half of its songs aren’t very good when listened to individually. ATGH is the best in terms of individual track quality, but it doesn’t motivate me to do start-to-finish listening I would to RAT.

How is this so? There are a good number of standout tracks on ATGH (if I can get over the fact that “The Veldt,” “Maths,” and “Professional Griefers” have been overplayed to death in my music library). The aforementioned three songs are all of high quality, and so are “Channel 42” (with Wolfgang Gartner), “Fn Pig,” “There Might Be Coffee,” “Closer,” and “October.” “Closer” might just be the best track on this album in my opinion, but they all have their positive aspects. “October” is probably the most reminiscent of deadmau5’s old days, and that makes sense since it has existed in his live sets since 2009. I could go on and on about why I like each track.

However, I can’t bring myself to like the transitions from track to track, and I’m not talking about how the tracks are unmixed. The transition from “Channel 42” to “The Veldt” is by far the most jarring of them all. A pounding electro house track suddenly becomes a mellow four-to-the-floor progressive house track with vocals. I mean, how the hell does that even work? In addition, the last three tracks have little connection among them. “Telemiscommunications” is a less-than-ideal way to end the album, as it gave me a hanging, not conclusive, feeling.

Given all of the trousey/housey/big room dance songs oversaturating the EDM scene this past summer, it’s certainly nice to see a mainstream artist do something different. I’m not saying that’s innovative, but it definitely feels fresher. While I’m by no means disappointed with deadmau5’s latest effort (that’s probably more than I can ask for from an egotistic EDM producer), there are places where the album construction just felt lazy. I get that these tracks are just a compilation of unreleased material, but I certainly could have done with a better tracklist order.

If you’re a deadmau5 fan, this album definitely warrants your attention. If you’re not, you might find a few tracks to enjoy.

Rating: 3.5/5 

Top Track (for now, my opinion changes very quickly): “Closer”



In 15 years… You will be.. (pick a number to know)

Haha, I clicked on all of them. NO REGRETS

I CAN’T BELIEVE MY TV WAS MUTED ‘TIL I REALIZED IT AT THE VERY END. Interestingly enough I was able to turn on the audio right before the first talking part began. Nonetheless, very very good. 4.5/5

Ice Cube stole the show. It was definitely very funny for the first half, then got kind of predictable towards the end. 3.5/5